Dispatch Reports

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies have agreements for academic exchange organized with 37 overseas educational and research institutions, while the Graduate School of Asian and African Studies have 23 agreements and The Center for African Area Studies, 16 agreements.

We conduct researcher exchange and collaborative research with these educational and research institutions on a daily basis and this existing network will be utilized in order to facilitate the dispatch of our young researchers.

For security and support of research in the field, 12 field-stations in Asia and Africa will be utilized, these were set up and have been managed through the 21st Century COE program: “Aiming for a COE of Integrated Area Studies: Establishing Field Stations in Asia and Africa to combine Research Activities and On-Site-Education” and the Global COE program: “In Search of Sustainable Humanosphere in Asia and Africa.”

The Lists of Dispatched Researchers/ Reports

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