Reports in 2014 Acudemic Year : Researchers (KOZAN Osamu [1])


KOZAN Osamu “Institutional Design to Prevent Environmental Degradation caused by Biomass Utilization and Hydrological Change”
[1][2][4][6][7][9][10]Indonesia/Riau University
[3][4][6][10]Indonesia/West Kalimantan
[5]Uzbekistan/International Center for Agricultural Researech in the Dry Areas
[1]Apr., 2014
[2]May, 2014
[3]Jun., 2014
[4]Jul., – Aug., 2014
[5]Sep., 2014
[6]Oct., 2014
[7]Nov., 2014
[8]Dec., 2014
[9]Jan., 2015
[10]Feb., – Mar., 2015


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