Dispatch Reports:Reports in 2014 Acudemic Year(H26)


Name “Research title”
[Country and Institute Dispatched to]
Period Reports

"Studies on the knowledge and techniques of craft works in Asia and Africa contributing to the study of Sustainable Humansphere"

[1]Bhutan/Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment
[2]Ethiopia/Addis Ababa University

[1]May – Jun., 2014
[2]Aug. – Sep., 2014

"Maulana Maududi’s Publication Activity and his Thoughts: A Study of Islamic Revival and the Urdu Language in Pakistan"

[1]U.K/Markfield Institute of Higher Education Islamic Foundation

[1]May. – Sep., 2014 [1]

"The Path of Development and Democratization in Contemporary India: With special reference to the Transformation of Policy in Nuclear Armaments and Atomic Energy"


“Institutional Design to Prevent Environmental Degradation caused by Biomass Utilization and Hydrological Change”

[1][2][4][6][7][9][10]Indonesia/Riau University
[3][4][6][10]Indonesia/West Kalimantan
[5]Uzbekistan/International Center for Agricultural Researech in the Dry Areas

[1]Apr., 2014
[2]May, 2014
[3]Jun., 2014
[4]Jul., – Aug., 2014
[5]Sep., 2014
[6]Oct., 2014
[7]Nov., 2014
[8]Dec., 2014
[9]Jan., 2015
[10]Feb., – Mar., 2015

“The role of the judiciary in Thailand’s democratization: the Judiciary, the Army and the Monarchy”

[1][2]U.S.A/Cornell University
[3][4]Thailand/Chulalongkorn University

[1]Apr., – Jun., 2014
[2]Jul., – Aug., 2014
[3]Aug., – Sep., 2014
[4]Feb., – Mar., 2015
Bhaskar Gautam

“The Politics of Transformation: A Life of Community and Capital”

[1][3]Nepal/Martin Chautari

[1]Apr., – Jul., 2014
[2]Aug., 2014 – Feb., 2015
[3]Feb., 2015
TANAKA Toshikazu

“The Potential of the Indigenous Ox-Plow agriculture in Africa as a Sustainable Humanosphere”

[1][2][4]Ethiopia/Addis Ababa University
[3] U.K/SOAS

[1]Apr., – May., 2014
[2]Jun., – Aug., 2014
[3]Sep., 2014 – Feb., 2015
[4]Feb., – Mar., 2015


Chief researcher

Name [Country and Institute Dispatched to] Period Report
YAMANE So             

[1]India/India Habitat Centre,
Janki Devi Memorial College,
University of Delhi

[1]Dec., 2014                      [1]
Brain Circulation Program Secretariat
Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), Kyoto University
46 ShimoAdachi-cho, Yoshida, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, JAPAN
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